Andrea Gomellini
The Gift

Andrea Gomellini Quintet "The Gift" AMC020

The A.MA Records catalogue is enhanced by a new presence, the guitarist Andrea Gomellini, a musician who studied in L.A to then come back to his hometown Rome to develop his career.      His creativity digs deep in the New York jazz experience that is to be firmly enrooted in the jazz tradition trying to develop, at the same time his own personality having always as reference the rules of the afro American lexicon, the swing and the groove.  This is his third album as a leader and his attachment to the American mentality is immediately evident non only for the music but also for the choice of his colleagues: listen to his debut album “Four in Mokn” that features Eddie Henderson on trumpet.  The gift is an album where the love for melody and the knowledge of the jazz language go together in a way that we are all used to call  “equilibrium” The Gift is characterized by its compactness, its pleasant catchy sound, for the interplay of the musicians with Simone Alessandrini on the alto sax, Danilo Blaiotta on piano, Jacopo Ferrazza on double bass and Valerio Vantaggio on drums.

Andrea Gomellini        Guitar

Danilo Blaiotta             Piano

Simone Alessandrini   Sax Alto

Jacopo Ferrazza         Double Bass

Valerio Vantaggio        Drums