The Motion Collective

  • 1. Burak
  • 2. Zagara
  • 3. Micheal's Vision
  • 4. Burak

This is the first record issued by new label A.MA Editions of Bari, a mini lp with four tracks written, produced and arranged by DJ and producer Gerardo Frisina. Production is exclusively on vinyl but the music is not limited to the dancefloor. Each track has its own well-defined identity: Burak is characterized by ethnic rhythms evoking an intense atmosphere of oriental flavors. Blossom is the track that is closest to Gerardo Frisina’s past productions, with sound enhanced by the vocals of Brazilian Francesca Sortino and interplay between the flute and piano. On the AA side, Michael’s Vision displays striking jazz influence. The atmosphere generated by strong rhythmic impulse is reinforced by the tenor sax improvisations of Germano Zenga and refined by the piano work of John Guerretti. In the Burak Jazz Version the track is embellished in a jazz style with soprano sax, electric piano and vibraphone, maintaining the original concept but creating a perfect listening experience.