Sanja Markovic "Ascension" Musica Jazz Magazine July 2020 by Nicola Gaera

"Already from the title, this work points to a way of conceiving music in which the spiritual approach has its own specific raison d'etre. Some might argue that this is becoming a trend and, as such, implies a series of mannerisms that are not good for the genuineness of music. It is certain that the musical coordinates of Sanja Markovic (Serbian from Belgrade, with American musical experiences) must be sought in the mixture of psychedelia and spirituality that characterized jazz in the period between the second half of the sixties and the beginning of Seventies and which today goes by the name of Cosmic Groove or Spiritual Jazz, but on this record, there is more attention to a melodic, almost soulful taste (It Has Always Been, with the excellent performance by the tenor of Rastko Obradovic and Markovic herself) which embellishes a musically, in our opinion, very successful work. A work in which one breathes - pass the term - «provincialization» which makes Serbia one of the most interesting European regions today from a jazz point of view."

Nicola Gaeta