The European jazz scene is vast and full of many talents. The Italian Label AMA records made us dream with the excellent album of the Serbian singer Sanja Markovic, and therefore when Antonio Martino the boss of AMA records sent me the album of Ugljesa Novakovic telling that the Serbian scene was Relatively unknown, I rushed to listen to this saxophonist and composer who would make a large number of musicians green with jealousy. On the album Reflections we can hear folk inspirations, classical and also a rhythmic form that we find in Swedish or German artists, all forming a singular and very high level work. If here Ugljesa Novakovic is completely unknown, he is a real celebrity at home. His curriculum vitae is distinguished by his collaboration with trumpeter Dusko Gojkovic, perhaps the most “American” of musicians in Eastern Europe, who can boast of having collaborated with giants such as Miles, Dizzy, Sonny Rollins and for being an activist in the historic Clarke-Boland Big Band. Reflections is a collection of music which is inspired by jazz in terms of openness but which is above all the result of a succession of references to styles that the saxophonist has defined over the years thanks to experiences which have allowed him to develop an absolutely recognizable musical line. It is certain that with this album release in Italy, the resonance of this artist will pass from his region to international stages, and as the editorial staff of Paris-Move and bayou Blue Radio have pushed the tables to settle comfortably for listening to this album from start to finish, on the cover of this album deserves to feature the “Indispensable” logo.