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2021. New soul from Europe. Without the British, of course. The fact that the success of new sounds between soul and jazz is not based on any national borders is a fact that we are always happy to hear, which we confirm today with two current examples. Italy and Ireland. From the Soul Hunters to the Major 7ths.
Alberto Parmegiani comes from jazz - the album comes to us via the now renowned Italian jazz label A.MA, whose chairman Antonio Martino actively participated in the production. The company's sound maker, Tullio Ciriello, is the third member of the association who has made it his business to define the connections between soul and jazz in his own way. Selected musicians are used in various combinations - including a saxophone / trombone / trumpet section and melodious vocal participation. Most of the time the Parmegiani steers his sounds through calm waters - controlled beats and grooves underpin the music above it, keep movement and course, while the songs move in a very stylish way through a sound atmosphere of their own.