Katarina Kochetova
Beyond Motion

Exploring Boundaries of Modern Jazz: Introducing "Beyond Motion"

Renowned for pushing the boundaries of modern jazz, Katarina Kochetova's latest project "Beyond Motion" promises to captivate audiences with its innovative sound and stellar lineup. Set to release in June, the album features an eclectic mix of original compositions, showcasing the dynamic synergy Katarina Kochetova on piano, Hugo Löf on double bass, and Matheus Jardim on drums.

"Beyond Motion" isn't just an album; it's a journey through the vibrant landscapes of contemporary jazz. Drawing inspiration from the pulsating energy of the New York jazz scene, each track weaves intricate melodies and rhythms, inviting listeners into a world of musical exploration.

Adding further depth to the ensemble are two exceptional guest artists, Jure Pukl on tenor saxophone and Joander Cruz on alto saxophone. Their virtuosity and creative prowess infuse the album with a distinct flavor, elevating the listening experience to new heights.

Meet the Visionaries Behind "Beyond Motion":

  • -  Katarina Kochetova - A multifaceted musician hailing from Kiev, Kochetova's mastery of piano and composition shines through her performances. With a rich background in classical piano and a passion for jazz, she brings a unique blend of tradition and innovation to the ensemble.

  • -  Hugo Löf - Emerging as a rising star in the Swedish jazz scene, Löf's prowess on the double bass adds depth and groove to every note. His sensitivity and musicality, coupled with a diverse range of influences, make him an indispensable part of the ensemble.

  • -  Matheus Jardim - Born in Brazil and nurtured in the rich musical traditions of his homeland, Jardim's rhythmic prowess on drums adds a dynamic dimension to the ensemble. With a career spanning collaborations with world-class artists, his contributions to "Beyond Motion" are nothing short of mesmerizing.

    - Special Guests:

    - Jure Pukl - Hailing from Slovenia, Pukl's emotive tenor saxophone performances have earned him acclaim worldwide. With a background steeped in classical and jazz education, his collaborations with legendary artists add a touch of magic to the album.

    - Joander Cruz - A saxophonist and composer from Brazil, Cruz's distinctive voice on the alto saxophone brings a fresh perspective to "Beyond Motion." His eclectic musical journey, spanning continents and genres, infuses the album with a sense of global resonance.

    With "Beyond Motion," Katarina Kochetova and her ensemble invite listeners on a transcendent musical odyssey, pushing the boundaries of jazz and redefining the essence of sonic innovation.