Gianluca Vigliar

Coming as his 3rd album release and his 2nd on the Italian Jazz label A.MA Records, Gianluca Vigliar's Eclipse album uses Jazz to focus the listeners on to humanity's anthropogenic influences on our environments. Following on from the themes explored on 2019's Plastic Estrogenus album of plastic waste polluting our oceans Eclipse takes us further afield to make comment on space waste and the over-use of Earth launched satellites littering the Cosmos. Saxophonist and composer Gianluca Vigliar is once again joined by longtime musical collaborator Marco Valeri on drums with the Quartet completed by DC born Brooklyn resident Ameen Saleem (Roy Hargrove Quintet) on Bass and Domenico Sanna on Piano.
The lead single from the album is the track Eclypse and represents the album's ongoing relationship between traditional be-bop and straight jazz sensibilities combined with forays into the experimentation with styles and genres of a more contemporary and modern sound. It showcases the virtuosity of each of the Quartet's players whilst retaining its focus on the core themes of the album as a whole. Once again the Puglia based A.MA Records has presented an album for Jazz connoisseurs, music aficionados and those seeking a fresh listening experience with an album that kicks off 2024 in some style.