Enrico Le Noci
Electric Nuts

Fusing the influences of organ Jazz trios led by Grant Green, Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery with the Blue's guitar of Jimi Hendrix and the compositional styles of Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, Enrico Le Noci's trio has created Electric Nuts. An album, released on A.MA Records, which reflects the African-American beats that permeate the music of our fathers through to the dynamic sounds of our time now.            Enrico's guitar work and Egidio Gentile's drumming weave a sound that comes with the experience of over half a decade of playing together in various bands in the Italian Jazz and Rock scenes. With the addition of former Greyheads member, the young Dutch keys and bass synth maestro Matthijs Geerts, the trio presents us with the energy of authentic Jazz vibes together with fusion Rock flavours.