Pippo D'Ambrosio
Beyond The Sky

In uscita il 15 Marzo il nuovo album

di Pippo D'Ambrosio "Beyond The Sky" AMC031

Pippo D'Ambrosio's Beyond The Sky is the drummer's follow up album to his 2020 release A Peaceful Place. Just as its predecessor was inspired by Sufism and the poetry of Rumi and Al-Jilali, Beyond The Sky is a thematic, concept album which explores the imposed order of the Universe and juxtaposes this order with the chaos created by humans on Earth.  Pippo has created an album which fuses the drums, keys, Double Bass and Alto Saxophone of the quartet of musicians into a cosmological journey where Jazz underpins the soulful grooves across all of its ten tracks.

A cosmic journey beyond the sky in search of harmony witth:

Pippo D'Ambrosio    Drums / Leader

Eugenio Macchia     Piano, Electric Piano, Synt

Gaetano Partipilo     Alto Saxophone

Giorgio Vendola      Double Bass

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