Children's Soul Featuring Seamus Blake

Ipocontrio "Children's Soul" Featuring Seamus Blake

As a trio and individual members, the relationship with A.MA Records began in 2016 with the release of the Continuum album. Since then Armando Luongo has played on Alberto Parmigianni's 2018 A.MA release On My Radio and in 2019 Francesco Galatro contributed his skills on Bruno Salicone's debut solo album Happy.
Now the trio come back together for their latest release Children's Soul. Joined by Canadian tenor sax virtuoso, the world renowned Seamus Blake, this eight track offering from Ipcontrio develops an interplay that is tense and exciting but which remains refined throughout.
Seamus' solos on the four tracks on which he plays adds a sonority and a timbre to the balance created by the core members of Ipcontrio. The bass, drums and piano of Galetro, Luongo and Salicone weaving tapestries of sound and colour to enrich the themes of this recording.
Children's Soul is an album which draws on the deep roots of Jazz and places music in a contemporary context of cooperation, creativity and beneficent confrontation.
Play it loud, play it soft, play it through headphones, play it through a huge sound system; however you choose to experience Children's Soul be prepared to discover something new every time you hear it.

Francesco Galatro Double Bass
Armando Luongo Drums
Seamus Blake Tenor Saxophone (Tracks 2, 4,5,7)

Recorded at A.MA Records Studio January 2022
Sound Engineer Tullio Ciriello
Art Work by Simone Le Noci