BitMap Crew
Bits Of Impressions EP

In Uscita 29 Ottobre 2021

Release Date October 29 2021 on Bandcamp

and all digital platforms

BitMapCrew - Antonio Trinchera - Dario Antonelli featuring

Merialma Colucci and Leo Consoli Drummer -

The brainchild of Jazz guitarist and composer Antonio Trinchera Bitmap Crew was formed in 2015
for a performance of electronic music at the Locus Festival. Antonio and Bitmap partner Dario
Antonelli formed the duo to experiment with the music that is composed for use on video games,
80s synth sounds and electronic music across genres.
With the use of Jazz samples and sequences, and the input of drummer Lee Consoli and vocalist
Merialma Colucci on XY, Bits of Impressions is a four track EP of rich, ambient and atmospheric
sounds and sublime composition.