Bob Hill
Inside A.MA Volume 1 Compilation Compliled by Bob Hill

Inside A.MA Volume 1 – Sleeve Notes

Being given free access to the back catalogue of A.MA Records has been like being given the password to Aladdin's Cave or the map into Tutankhamen's tomb. The treasures held within the A.MA vaults of releases over the past decade mean that being tasked to curate a set of volumes of compilations is a difficult but wondrous pleasure. With so much innovative music and artists in the A.MA cannon the hardest part is what to leave out.
My approach to this has been to create compilations which reflect how I playlist the music on the Illicit Grooves Radio Show and how I build a DJ set. When asked by a journalist, many years ago, how I describe the music I play as a DJ I answered, 'I play grooves for the global leftfield and go across the tracks.' It is this philosophy that I've applied to the Inside A.MA series of compilations and one which has resulted in this first volume.
From the dancefloor Funk-Jazz of The Motion Collective to the Drum and Bass infused liquid of Antonio Trinchera and Francesca Sortino's magnificent mid-tempo, two-step rework of Little Sunflower' the ten tracks selected here can be listened to, danced to, enjoyed at home or on a sound system and designed to reflect all that is wonderful about art and life and music.

Bob Hill (The Return of the Illicit Groove)
Bob Is the presenter of the #IllicitGrooves Radio Show on Totally Wired Radio.

1. The Motion Collective – Zagara (Una Mas)
(Taken from Unstuck In Time)
2. Paolo Achenza 4 – Kinky Habits
(Taken From Branches)
3. Enrico Noci – Heavy Lunch
(Taken From Social Music)
4. Antonio Trinchera – Our Fault
(Taken From Next Move)
5. Sebastian Jarrousse Tentet feat. Elinoa-Burn Out
(Taken From New Frequency)
Side B
1. Francesca Sortino – Little Sunflower (Taken From Be Free)
2. Sanja Markovic – N'anya (Taken From Ascension)
3. Walk Tall – Tukan
(Taken From Roots On Top)
4. Fabio Tullio – Qwerty
(Taken From Tales From Within)
5. Alberto Parmigianni – The End Of A Love Affair (Taken From Under A Shimmery Grace)